r ela x


Once upon a time there was a man who wanted to change the world.

He wanted to travel, to experience the ugly and the beauty.

He wanted to do something to improve the present, something serious not naive.

Therefore the preparing of the trip was very important. He didn’t want to end up neither like some who disappointment from the first obstacle, nor like some others who throw a stone and think that the world is changed. The preparation was important. The most important thing.

‘So to rise I need a pass, mine is out of date, so I have to go to the embassy.

Than I need a ticket, I should use the inter-net to book. If it works and the neighbor gives me the password.

I also need a suitcase and some proper clothes, so I have to work for at least six months. And then I must ask for holidays. I hope I’ll get them, the boss likes me, I think.

In the same time I should start to learn the new language, that also needs money but I have a friend that can help me, I only have to remember to call her.

Than I’ll find a nice place with a good view. But there is a wall, so I have to take a ladder with me. Next to the place it is a wonderful forest with a river. I must take a boot or a boat with me. In the middle of the forest there is a mystic mountain witch definitely needs some rope to climb it…

At the end I will be still in my house still preparing the perfect trip. And the most important I will be safe. When you are safe why bother for freedom or for the fellow being’.

Relax we are safe now.