Atopia collective presents Alternating event vol. 2 Freitag, 27/01/23 in K77 Foyer

Kastanienallee 77, 10435

20:00 “Pencil Knife Baton” Film 95min. GR/DE with engl. Subs

22:00 “Fragments of an everyday cosmos” Richard Scott and Sanja Star 17min

22:30 “Tooveetheeoo Lai Lai” 7min

22:40 “ΤΙΚ” 4min

22:50 “Artisique” 2min

23:00 surprise!!

PENCIL KNIFE BATON. Four flatmates in Berlin Max, Nicola, Mariam and Eva, seek truth, acceptation and themselves.

In a parallel universe a group of decadent retired gods Artemis, Demeter, Dionysus, Apollo and Hephaestus, struggle against stereotypes, injustice and oblivion.

The Pencil and the Knife. Creativity and Survival. Two languages, two worlds, two ostensibly different situations, but deep down inextricable, like the two tips of a Baton.

Inbetween black humor and bittersweet realism PENCIL KNIFE BATON makes up a tragicomic philosophical puzzle about friendship and teamwork.

Can humans live side by side with their wounded ideals?

Can the search for personal truth align with social justice?

A movie that exudes the sense of a blithe, punky freedom, yet engages itself in an effort to bridge the gap of alterity, so as to pass to the viewer the Baton..

“If we can’t change the world, let us destroy it.


Fragments of an everyday cosmos” is a capturing of the simultaneity of sounds that could be heard from one house in one street in one city, my home for many years on Kastanienallee, Prenzlauerberg in Berlin. The piece starts with a reiteration of some quite recognisable material from the previous piece Several Circles – a harmonic phrase with some related transient sound shapes that I didn’t think the previous composition had ever fully explored. While playing it I got distracted by the sounds coming in from my open window and started to hear the piece in relationship to those sounds, eventually digging out my microphones to capture them. When I opened my windows to let the world in I found it allowed me to interact in ways I hadn’t considered – because everything I heard seemed to easily fall in relationship with the sounds of my synthesiser which led me to direct them a little more towards making relationships with the other sounds. So this relationship, while passively receptive at first, became active. The intention was not to make a duet with the outside world, more the perception that a duet that was already taking place and that I was already part of it. Listening to sounds in both urban and natural environments often gives me a sense that particular sounds manifest themselves in ways that suggest innate connection, or perhaps that all sounds are somehow always already connected – and in listening and composing we just need to dip our toes into the sonic stream around us, as innocently as possible and not necessary with strong compositional intention or ambition. The difference in this approach is that we are not creating or forcing relationships, so much as revealing them. This piece is a result of such an approach. I wrote the following text to accompany its premier, which took place on June 25th 2022 in exactly the same the place, K77, Kastanienallee 77, 10435, Berlin, where all of the materials for the piece were recorded some years previously: From the balcony, a space crossed by many lines and collusions every kind of weather an everyday cosmos. A silence, surrounded by sounds, stillness, and bustle branches, bicycles and blackbirds dancers speaking in European English, and in bad German distant Balkan music on the radio. Inside the house, a machine quietly bleeps distal and distant sounds and silences: a carpenter hammering the shriek of cutting metal from the workshop a road drill each stating its own location each resonating its own surfaces and parameters A scene from an everyday cosmos.

Tooveetheeoo Lai Lai” Perhaps above all things, this is a portrait of human sadness and claustrophobic competitive ambition. These are two friends who have effortlessly become sworn enemies, to end up friends again. Not necessarily because they really
want to, but maybe they have no other choice.

TIK” The greatest horror and savagery of war is created by the man who is
condemned to find pleasure living in this situation.

Artistique“ Looking back at the history of arts, the purpose of a sculpture-statue was to represent the spiritual message of an epoch, whether it was related to any theological-
mythological concept, aesthetic meaning of life or practical need.