Few words about MAXILARI

Maxilari is an independent feature film made by Atopia, a company created when 3 members of the filming crew, all film makers amongst other things, came together and joined forces. This is our first feature film and after this film has been completed and based on how well it is recieved, we are hoping to expand on new and more exciting projects.

Three friends are camping far away from civilization. They want to forget, to dream and have a good time. They discuss conformism and culture, politics, violence and the human condition, seeking answers to eternal questions: what are we, what is our fate as individuals and as part of a larger entity? Each of them carries his own ‘pillow’, while the addition of three girls only serves to complicate things. Criticism of mainstream culture reverts to criticism of subculture.
How much do we have to live behind us to really be away?
Who do we take with us? What do we take with us?
Neither Gods nor ants.
Is turning their back on civilization enough to bring people closer?

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